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-- Translation Of The Russian Rules --

General Rules: 

1. Client Configuration Utility
2. Start the game
3. Prohibited actions 
4. Permitted actions
5. Bugs game server crash 
6. Terminating 
7. Pause
8. After completing the game
9. Insults 
10. Violations and protests 
11. Coverage
12. The judges decision

1. Client Configuration Utility 

1.1 Each client must be updated to the latest available version. 

1.2 setup process his client any unfair changes in the game files (delete individual files or play them on non-original replacement, adding new parameters in the files, etc.) is strictly prohibited. Until then, still can not say with certainty whether a particular change honest, and while it can not make a game interface without using the console - it is unfair and illegal. The penalty for violation of technical failure. 

1.3 It is forbidden to use any console commands, with the exception named in paragraph of these rules, or duplicate the functionality available through the menu options the game. The penalty for violation of technical failure. 


  1.4.1 List of console commands, the values ​​of which are allowed to change: 

            - cl_crosshair_red
            - cl_crosshair_green
            - cl_crosshair_blue
            - cl_crosshair_dynamic
            - cl_crosshair_thickness

  1.4.2 Network set-up (given variables can change how many to please time throughout match.):
            - cl_interp - values from 0 to 0.067
            - cl_interp_ratio -  values 0, 1 or 2
            - cl_cmdrate
            - cl_updaterate
            - rate

  1.4.3 Set-up net_graph
            - net_graph : values from 1 to 5
            - net_graphheight
            - net_graphwidth
            - net_graphpos

  1.4.4 Other commands :
            - sensitivity
            - cl_glow_* (within the limits of, satisfying to the rule 1.1)
            - cl_showfps
            - cl_viewmodelfovsurvivor

1.5 Any player may be claimed only for 1 team. 

2. Start the game

"Ready" Rule 

2.1 Teams must be ready for the match 5 minutes before the official time of its inception. 

2.2 due time the team should agree on a particular server on which the match will take place. If a team is absent at the appointed time,
       the second one is obliged to inform the administration. 

2.3 Minimum wait time team late - 15 minutes. After this time, if the opponent is not making its presence felt, he suffers a technical loss. 
       At the request of the team waiting for the waiting period may be extended indefinitely. 

2.4 Before each map after tripping ready-up plug-in, both teams DO NOT have to write in chat «ready», if the ready-up on the server is
      activated at the beginning of each half of the map . 

2.5 The beginning is the time when survivors out of the safe-room or on the first map of each campaign, when the survivors begin to
       move forward. 

2.6 to start the game infected can take in the "ghost" positions. Appear not allowed! 

2.7 Teams must wait for each other (on hiatus) not more than 10 minutes. By mutual agreement may be extended. By the end of his team
       can start the game without waiting for confirmation from the enemy. 

3. Prohibited actions 

3.1Any kind of bugs or exploits the game, which can affect the gameplay, is strictly prohibited. The penalty for violation, -500 points, re-

3.2 For any character: 

3.2.1 Flooding in the chat during the match. 

3.3 For Survivors: 

  3.3.1 shy of the necessary path, using exploits and flaws of the game, the following locations, as well as any other, where the reduction
            involves the use bug game or map : 

- Dead Center 1: It is forbidden to cutting down on the map jumping ledges, balconies 

- Dark Carnival 1: It is forbidden to cut way, skipping baggage near the bridges. 

- Dark Carnival 3: It is forbidden to cut the opening event of passing on the fence next to the button activation. 

- Dark Carnival 4: It is forbidden to run Mustachio Tank. 

- Hard Rain 1: Bypass the area between two buildings, jumping from structures in the playground through the bushes. 

- No Mercy 3: runs through most of the maps in the key concern, bypassing the normal spawning of infected normal. Survivors have to
  wait near the site including opening event 

- Blood Harvest 2: runs through most of the maps in the key concern, bypassing the normal spawning of infected normal. Survivors have
  to wait near the site including opening event 

- Blood Harvest 4: It is forbidden to pass through an infected window last house in order to cause endless Event 

- Swamp Fever 2: It is forbidden to jump over a plane without a call panic opening event. 

- Swamp Fever 2: runs through most of the maps in the key alarm bypassing the normal spawning of infected normal. Survivors have to
  wait near the site including opening event. 

- Swamp Fever 3: It is forbidden to jumping over the cliff opening event stood nearby. 

- Dead Air 3: runs through most of the maps in the key concern, bypassing the normal spawning of infected normal. Survivors have to
  wait near the site including opening event.

It is forbidden to serve time in a shelter Event.The penalty for violation is -500 points- 

  3.3.2 Occupy positions that cause a pause, glitch or other error in the normal course of Key Concerns (opening event). 
             The penalty for violation is -500 points.

  3.3.3 Can not load more than 1 sniper on the team (even if it's possible.) 
            The Penalty for violation is -500 points.

  3.3.4 While the tank is alive, surviving rashit prohibited in the refuge. 
            The tank should be killed.

  3.3.5 Using techniques bunny hopping and strafe-jump in all forms and manifestations, to obtain a competitive advantage. 
            The penalty for violation is -500 points.

  3.3.6 Occupy positions that are not easily ordinary or special Infected. 

  3.3.7 Activate the alarm key (Event) at Dead Air 3, throwing a hammer or pipe from a position that leads to missing one of the hordes. 

3.4. To Infected: 

  3.4.1 take any action other than taking a position, prior to the game (see rule 2.6). 

  3.4.2 commit suicide by any means (jump off the roof, death in fire, etc.) 

  3.4.3 Intentionally blocking the rise the stairs of the opposing team players

  3.4.4 It is forbidden to spit in the lift (Hard Rain 2 & 3):

3.5 To Tank: 

  3.5.1 Using techniques known as bunny hopping and strafe-jump in all forms and manifestations, to obtain a competitive advantage. 

  3.5.2 Throwing stones in the walls or doors, use a technique known as blow / Stone (born punch / rock) and all its variations -
            The penalty for violation is 500 points re-Technical Losses.

4. Permitted actions 

4.1 Fast climbing up the ladders.

4.2 For Survivors: all positions that are not listed as prohibited. 

4.3 For Infected: all positions to which the hunter can get infected or any other special. 

4.4 For all infections, except for the tank: bunny hopping and strafe-jump.

4.5 Special Infected allowed to appear with the appearance of the inscription, "Tank you become." 

5. Bugs game server crash 

5.1 If you have a bug, or drop a server that does not depend on the players and strongly affects the gameplay, the map on which it
      occurred, is replayed in full (both sides). 
Other options replays (half of the map, etc.) are possible only with mutual consent of the
      players, either by judge's decision. 

5.2 Replay can be administered during the game when the agreement of both players. If there is no match to be abandoned during play
       to the end and need to file a protest. 
It is also possible guest judge on the server and conflict resolution in place. 

6. Terminating 

6.1 In case the gap due to the match should be put on pause. 

6.2 Waiting emitted player in case of stopping the opposing team must not exceed 10 minutes. After this period, waiting for the team may
       require the recognition of judges forfeit loss. 
By mutual agreement may be extended. 

7. Pause 

7.1 Teams may suspend play at any convenient location, including game pause command! Pause. 

7.2 to resume the game using the command! unpause. Before you continue the game, both teams have to communicate in-game chat
       about their willingness to! 

7.3 Stopping can be done at any time agreed by the team. If the duration is not separately stated, the standard length of the pause - 10 minutes. 

7.4 Abuse of the pause function is prohibited. 

8. After completing the game 

8.1The information uploaded to the page a match: 

  8.1.1 Screenshot final score. Its absence can lead to a replay of the match. If for some reason were not played all the map in a row,
            and the breakdown (for example, an 1-2, and then separately 3-4), it must include all the screenshots needed to determine the        
            final score. 

  8.1.2 Screenshot console which entered the command status. Lack of screenshots can lead to a replay match. 

  8.1.3 demo one of the players of the winning team 

8.2 Other mandatory information

  8.2.1 demo to match played by any player must be downloaded on demand to any competitor or Judges 

  8.2. 2 demos per player for each map played, including incomplete and those who, for whatever reason replayed. Should be kept for the
             entire tournament. 
Cudyam provided upon request within a day. No demos can lead to a forfeit loss. 

9. Insults 

9.1 Any abuse will be banned and severely punished. 

10. Violations and protests 

10.1 protest is served, the establishment specific rules of competition. 

10.2 protest should be educated Russian (or Ukrainian) language to describe the problem, and if necessary, make appropriate
         screenshots and / or demos. 

10.3 The existence of violations, the severity of his sentence and immediate determined exclusively by the Judges tournament. 

10.4 In case of detection disorders should announce it in chat. 

10.5 If the violation was not announced immediately (except in cases where the violation is not obvious) is that both teams have no
         claims against each other in connection with an event and this event belongs to the category of agreements. 

11.  Coverage

11.1 Coverage of games for remains an indisputable right to the exclusive broadcast matches held within the portal. This
          includes all forms of transmission. may transfer the rights to broadcast the match or several matches to a third party
          or the actual players. 
In this case, the conditions should be negotiated with the administration before the match. Teams do not have
          the right to refuse to broadcast. 

12. The judges decision

12.1 Tournament Judges may be appealed to the Chief Judge tournament. 
Chief Judge decision is final and the tournament is not
In the case of disobedience to the team suffers a technical loss. However, players retain the right to correct form to
         discuss the decision and, in case of disagreement with him, offering their own solutions - performing at the same time handed
         down earlier. 

12.2 The judge makes a decision in accordance with the rules and his personal common sense. This decision should be respected

12.3 exceptional judge may decide, slightly contrary to these rules if the rules found significant semantic hole. 

12.4 In the event of a situation which is not described clearly in the rules, the judge decides in accordance with their personal
         experiences , common sense and principles of the Fair-Play.