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TheFragPipe Tournament


1. General rules

The following rules apply to all players and teams participating in Left 4 Dead 2 Tournament (hereafter called the Tournament). Not knowing the rules is not an excuse for breaking them. Breaking the rules will result in a penalty (one to three warnings), or in extreme cases, deletion of the offender’s account, disqualification of the team and indefinite public humiliation in the website’s „Hall of Shame“ section.

The rules are subject to change as the need for modifications arises. Changes in the rules will be announced on the website. Players are advised to check the rules page regularly to see if they have the most up to date information.
The Tournament’s administrators have the last word. If something is not explicitly prohibited by the rules does not mean it is allowed.  Players are expected to use their common sense, not cheat and be courteous to their opponents.
The only accepted language throughout the tournament is English.

2. Players and teams

2.1 Player conduct

Players should treat other players and teams, website’s visitors and the tournament’s administrators with respect. Players participating in the online Tournament - with significant prizes for winners - are expected to be professional in their conduct: not miss deadlines, treat opponents with respect, settle arguments in a restrained manner and set an example for others. Behaving in a disrespectful manner towards other players or administrators, not showing up for matches on time and generally behaving in a rude or obnoxious way during a match, or on website can get a user muted for a limited time, or warned.

2.2 Players user registration (type: full registration) is necessary for all players who participate in the Tournament. Every player can have only one account. The user must keep his contact information accurate and up to date. A valid Steam ID must be provided. Entering false data can get you warned or your account deleted.
One player can only be in one team at a time. If a player chooses to change teams, he must skip the new teams next match.
To receive awards upon winning the player must provide accurate bank account number (IBAN), bank code (BIC) and name. Player’s profile must be set to „receive awards“ in his control panel. These settings will be locked in all the participants’ control panels once the playoffs start and cannot be changed until the tournament ends.

2.3 Teams

The minimum allowed team size for the Tournament is four (4) members; the maximum is eight (8) members. A team cannot sign up for the tournament if they have less than four members.
In the qualifying stages new players can be added to the team, all though they will not be able to play in a match for 24 hours, unless explicit permission from an administrator is given. In the playoff stages the teams’ squads are locked, and no new members can be added to the team; the exception being when a team’s size drops below the minimum required 4 members. In that case one new member can be added, with the approval of an administrator.
Every team must have their contact information readily available for other teams and administrators.

3. Matches

3.1 Rounds

Every round in the tournament will last 1 week.

3.2 Match date and time

At 00:00 CET every Monday a new match will appear in the team’s „Upcoming matches“ page. The teams take turns suggesting a date and time for the match until an agreement is reached via internal system. If no agreement is reached by 21.00 CET Friday (the match date is unset in the system), the match will be automatically forced to 21.00 CET Sunday.
An already set match can be rescheduled if both teams accept it. If the teams want to reschedule the match to a date after the current round, they must get an administrator’s approval.

3.3 Servers

All matches must be played on European servers; the exception being a match played between two North-American teams. Under no circumstances will a match between a European and a North-American team be valid if it is played on a non-European server, even if both teams agree to it. Using a non-European server will result in a warning being given to both teams and the match will have to be replayed on a European server. However, the North-American team can choose the server from the list of provided official servers, two of which are currently located in United Kingdom and they should allow for a more fair match between the two sides.
The server must run the latest version of the competitive Left 4 Dead 2 mod, confogl (currently 2.2.2).
The match cannot be played on a „public“ server, which means either of the teams, or the streaming/casting crew must have administrator access to the server.
The average ping difference of the teams should generally not exceed 25-50 ms. If the sides cannot agree on a server, the game will be played on one of the official tournament servers.
No one is allowed in the server during the match besides the teams (but not substitutes) and broadcasters.

3.4 Match broadcasting

If the match is scheduled to be broadcasted, it should be specified on the match page. The broadcasting can only be done by authorized casters and streamers. The teams cannot refuse broadcasting.

3.5 Match records

After the match, the correct score must be entered by the winning side, and confirmed by the losing side, within 4 hours of the start time of the match set in the system.
Along the score, a correct lineup, a screenshot of the final score, a screenshot of the loaded sourcemod plugins, and a complete demo from a player from the winning team must uploaded. Names of all the players must appear on the score screenshot; players missing from the screenshot will be given a warning. Team captains are urged to take screenshots after each round, so in case a server change is needed the correct scores will be known.
If any of the required records are missing or not uploaded on time, it will result in a warning to the offending player(s) or team(s).

3.6 Match offences

The teams have 20 minutes of „grace time“; if one of the teams is not ready to play after the grace time expires then the other team can ask for a win by default.
In case one of the teams displays unsportmanlike behaviour (kicking of the opponents or broadcasters, spamming, unpausing without warning, trolling etc) the suffering team may make a protest after the game. In case the offending team is found guilty, it may receive up to three warnings depending on the severity of the offence.
Excessive talking during the match is forbidden. Any form of communication that is not relevant to the match can be protested later as being distracting; the offending team may receive a warning even if they did nothing explicitly offensive.
If a team leaves from the match before the match is over, the offending team will get a team warning and the result will be entered as 3000:0 in favour of the other team. However, a team may call to finish the match when they have clearly lost without any chance of winning. In that case a screenshot must be taken from which it can be clearly read that both teams accepted to end the match there; the score and lineup for both teams must also be seen on the screenshot.

4. Cheating and penalties

Any form of cheating, exploiting or bug-using is strictly prohibited and will be punished. The severity of the offences is as follows:

4.1 Severe cheating

Using an aimbot, no-spread hack, wallhack or speedhack will result in the deletion of the offending player’s account; his Steam ID, e-mail address and bank details will be banned indefinitely (no user will be able to register an account on using those details). The match where the offending player was caught has to be replayed, in case his teammates were not aware of the use of hacks. If a team has more than two (2) cheaters in a match, the suffering team will receive a win by default, the offending players will be permanently deleted and the team will be disqualified from the tournament. The offending players, their Steam IDs and e-mail addresses along with the description of their offences will be displayed on „Hall of Shame“ section for the entire lifespan of the website.
Fake-accounting or using a player who is not in the team will result in disqualification of the team from the tournament.
Faking the match results in any way will result in disqualification for both teams from the tournament.
Watching or listening to the on-going match via a live stream is considered severe cheating and can result in the offending team being disqualified from the tournament.

4.2 Moderate cheating

Using map shortcuts (see 5.4), techniques similar to so-called lerp hacking, high-visibility non-standard textures and/or models will result in one to three warnings being given to the offending player and the match where the offending player was caught has to be replayed. If a team has more than two cheaters in a match, the suffering team will receive a win by default and the offending team will be disqualified from the tournament.

4.3 Penalties for other offences

A player can receive a penalty for cheating, trolling, rude behaviour, failure to appear on time, stalling the match, crashing the server etc. The penalties will be given in warnings: one warning for lesser offences, three warnings for serious offences. Once a person has received three warnings he will be disqualified from the on-going tournament. An entire team can be given a warning („team warning“), which simply means every member of the team will receive a warning.

5. Game-specific rules

5.1 Choosing sides

The home team will choose their starting side.

5.2 Client settings

Every player must use their correct nickname and have their team tag in their name for the entire duration of the match.
The players can change their cl_interp setting once during each round (once as survivors, once as infected). The valid settings are from 0 to 0.067 (0ms to 67ms).
Changing crosshair appearance and using customized glowscripts is allowed. Any other modifications to the appearance of the game are not allowed.

5.3 Ready up, player disconnects, bug deaths and pausing the match

The official tournament config has required ready-up for players in the beginning of both rounds of the map; no additional actions like saying „ready“ are required. The match will begin when all the players have set themselves as „ready“.
If a player has disconnected or crashed, the game must be paused; the game may not continue until the disconnected player (or a substitute player) is ready to join the server. This situation may not be considered as a reason to replay  the round, even if the disconnect resulted in a survivor death, tank suicide or something similar. The match must continue as normal after unpausing. There will be exceptions to this rule.
If a game bug causes an unexpected survivor death, the round has to be replayed if the suffering team considers it necessary. If the death or incapacitation has been caused by player mistake (examples: jumping before a drop; moving around and jumping in the No Mercy 4 lift during ascension), the round will not be replayed.
Excessive pausing during a match is not allowed. Reason for pausing has to be explained shortly to the opposing team. Both teams must say „ready“ before the match can be continued. Frequent pausing without explanation, or unpausing without „ready“ will result in a team warning for the offending team.

5.4 Illegal actions, exploiting and bug-using

The following (incomplete) list of examples of actions marked with "-" which count as exploiting is identical to other major European competitions (credits go to ESL). The wording has been kept original to make sure there exploits are universally understood.
- Dark Carnival 1: It is forbidden to skip the bridge area by jumping on the crashed truck as it breaks Tank spawns.
- Dark Carnival 3: It is forbidden to pass half of the rollercoaster event by jumping on the nearby fence.
- Dead Center 1: It is forbidden to skip any part of the map by using a shortcut by jumping downstairs via window or balcony.
- Hard Rain 2 & 3: It is forbidden to spit on top, inside or underneath the elevator as long as it is moving and the doors are closed.
- Hard Rain 3: It is forbidden to walk on the roof on the right side at the beginning of the map.
- Swamp Fever 2: It is forbidden to pass the airplane without triggering the crescendo.
- Swamp Fever 3: It is forbidden to pass the crescendo event by jumping on the rocks nearby.
It is forbidden to stay in the saferoom during a tank fight. Survivors may enter the saferoom one by one only to take ammo. The exceptions to this rule are the following maps: Dead Center 1, Dark Carnival 1, No Mercy 1.

It is forbidden to spawn the charger and charge the survivors at the same moment you are getting the Tank.

It is forbidden to block the opposing team from either ascending or descending on a ladder (either as survivors or as infected).