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The pwg's International Cup

General Rules


// Conduct
All insults - also on attached platforms - may be punished, especially annoying  contributions with the exception of external messengers.
Intentionally deceiving others by using false or fictitious statements respectively identities will be punished immediately,  whereby the right to appeal is only with the injured.

// Settings
Game options are allowed to be adjusted, as far as possible. Nevertheless all extensions must be disabled server side to grant fair conditions.
Furthermore the use of spraylogos is prohibited, as well, otherwise all external voice programms are allowed, but partially they get restored to a joint in order to avoid conflicts.

//  Meetings
Both teams receive a reasonable period of time to establish appropriate dischard dates within the deadlines. Meetings without prior notification must be repeated.
All particpants have to use their traditional nicknames - inlcuding clantag - to allow an unambigious indetification.

// Exchanges
A substition can take place at any time, but temps may not belong to any other participating team and have to visualize their intention throughout the whole match ("stand-in").

// Intermission
Assuming a timely justification, any participant can pause the game for an acceptable period of time. The continuation of the match can be enforced after a reasonable time has expired.
In the exceptional event that an interruption can not be continued, the remaining game time including score will be postponed.

// Coverage
All rights to all meetings are exclusively for the organizers, therefore all forms of transmission by external broadcasting organisations are - without permission - forbidden.
In the event that an organizer has no direct venue access granted, it must be still ensured that an appropriate transfer can take place without interference.

// Evidence
In order to avoid delays and disabilities, all evidences - without reworking - should be both promptly uploaded as also clearly labled.

// Gameplay
Any misappropriation (e.g. console commands) are prohibited, however unique actions that make this necessary are excluded.
Deliberate exploitation of game bugs (e.g. abbreviations) will be punished immediately, whereby blocking of running paths is included.


- Rules are subject to change -