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CGFB Community Cup

Rules - General.

~ Matches must be organized between the Leader or Co-Leader of both teams.
~ A screenshot of the chat log must be provided in order to avoid confusion.
~ If you have any troubles regarding organizing a match, have it taken to a group chat with both Leaders and/or Co-Leaders and an admin.
~ The matches must be organized within a 7 day length of time. Any later will result in a warning.
~ If you simply cannot get a player to substitute as your team cannot play in the whole week, a sub is allowed, providing he/she hands over the required details that you had to do on Steam Forums, and providing he/she is not playing in a current team or experienced.
~ The matches must be organized calmly, any inpatience will result in a team warning.
~ Fake accounting will result in a perminant team ban from all further CGFB organizations + the CGFB tournament.
~ You cannot refuse a livestream, you will receive a warning if you do so. Streams are for popularity purposes.
~ If you want your game streamed, either contact the staff or CGFB Staff via admin section on CGFB Community Cup group.
~ Your server or the server you are using must have the latest version of Fresh and at least one member of a team an admin.
~ A team with a mentor must ask the other team without a mentor for permission to field theirs if they wish to do so. If no agreement is reached, then the mentor is not allowed to play in that match.
~ It is illegal for a team member in the role of mentor to use the hunting rifle.

Rules - In-Game.

~ Chatting unnecessarily in all chat during a game can result in a warning. Only do it during Ready-Up / Pause / or if you really have to for something urgent.
~ Cheating, such as wallhacks, aimbots, matthacks, plugins which grant unfair previledges, or any of this kind, will result in a perminant team ban.
~ On Dark Carnival Map 1, it is illegal to skip the bridge chokepoint via the crashed bus and lorry ontop of the hill which is inbetween both bridges.
~ It is illegal to spawn your charger and charge when becoming the tank, you are only allowed to spawn. All other SI are an acception.
~ It is illegal to ladder block.
~ It is illegal to sacrifice spawns via !spectate.